Sauble Beach Things to Do

Things to Do in Sauble Beach

Welcome to the most concise list of things to do at Sauble Beach!
Feel free to print this page out so you can make the most of your wonderful vacation.

  1. Swim and Sunbathe: With over 11kms of sandy beach you’ll have no problem finding your spot in the sand to stretch out and dry off after a dip in the clean clear waters of Lake Huron.
  2. Bird Watch: Osprey can often be seen at the mouth of the Sauble River and are known to nest in the Isaac Lake area. Many bird species can be found throughout the campgrounds and along the river.
  3. Fish: Fish off the public docks or rent a fishing boat at the Sauble River Marina. Anglers will find the areas adjacent to the falls to be excellent for trout and salmon fishing in the spring and fall.
  4. Hike: Hike the Sauble Trail (2.5km (2 hours) easy) The trail begins on the east end of the Provincial Park, and follows a 2.5km relatively easy loop to ancient sand dunes and through the red pine plantation. This hike offers amazing opportunities for photography and wildlife viewing.
  5. Golf : Take the family to play mini golf or go play a round at one of the two courses Sauble offers.
  6. Boat on Lake Huron: Whether you’re jumping waves on a waverunner, calmly drifting on a SUP or using the wind as your sail with a kite surfer, wind surfer or hobby cat, the varying conditions of Lake Huron offers an ever changing unique water experience for all enthusiasts to enjoy. (Waverunners and SUPs are available for rent in Sauble Beach)
  7. Visit Sauble Falls: This historic falls used to power a timber mill and generating station. Now flanked by immature forest, the falls are the end of the Rankin River canoe route – ideal for novice canoeists. This is an ideal fishing spot, in the fall you can watch Chinook Salmon struggle over each ledge of this cascading waterfall to spawn upstream.
  8. Paddle the Sauble River: The Sauble River Marina offers PWC, pedal boats, kayaks, fishing boats, and canoe rentals. Cruise up Sauble River to the falls, don’t forget your fishing  poles and tackle box, there’s excellent trout and salmon fishing.
  9. Special Events: Register for the Sand Castle building competition on Sandfest Weekend, watch the fire works on the beach on Canada Day. Keep informed with upcoming events here:
  10. Movie Night: Every Wednesday is Movie Night, bring your lawn chair or blanket and come watch a movie on the outdoor screen at Main Street and Lakeshore Blvd. Grab an ice cream from “Scoopers” or some fries from “Mars Cosmic Fries” and try your luck winning prizes in “Giggles Arcade”
  11. Sunset Cruisers Car Show & Motorcycle Show ‘n’ Shine: Every Tuesday see hundreds of vintage cars, hot rods and beautiful bikes on the beach under the “Welcome to Sauble Beach Sign”, songs from the past are heard echoing through the air. The show closes with a classic car parade up Main Street!
  12. Be Creative: Create your own fused glass treasure at “Glass in Motion” or join a class with Beth Taylor and create watercolours, floor mats, polymar clay statues, scarves and beads.
  13. Get Married at Sauble Beach: Just image those sunset wedding photos you’ll have to cherish for years to come.
  14. Stock Car Races: If you and your family have never experienced the high-energy atmosphere of a stock car race here’s your perfect opportunity. Sauble Speedway hosts races every Saturday night and on Sundays of long weekends, from mid-May to mid-September. It’s loud, fun, exciting and simple. You buy some fries, a large pop, sit in the grandstand and watch the cars go around. No need to be a NASCAR keener to catch the buzz; the energy is infectious ! It’s only minutes from Sauble Beach, kids 12 and under are free.
  15. Visit Saugeen Pow Wow: Dancers from across the country participate in the annual Three Fires Confederacy Pow Wow held the second weekend in August in the Saugeen First Nation.  Native dance, music, traditional foods, handmade beadwork, quill baskets, black ash baskets and other handcrafted items are featured.
  16. Eat in Sauble Beach: Sauble offers an array of homemade dishes, fresh local fish, wild game, Mexican cuisine, funnel cakes, out of this world hand cut Cosmic Fries, Dairy Queen treats, Subway sandwiches and more….
  17. Shop in Sauble Beach: Main Street is crowded with little shops offering everything from bikinis, tattoos and jewelry to home made fudge and candy.
  18. Before Dusk: Cruise over to the waters edge, plant yourself down on the beach and enjoy perfect views of the world’s most spectacular sunsets over Lake Huron. Don’t forget your camera!
  19. After Dark: Go outside and look up. Away from the glow of city lights, we have some of the darkest skies in Southern Ontario where stargazing is phenomenal !
  20. 5 things to do on a rainy day in Sauble Beach: Take a walk through Southampton Factory Outlet Market, visit Bruce County Museum, rent a movie at Beach Flix (at the lights in Sauble), have an afternoon nap, use your imagination !