Sauble Beach Realty Inc. Waiver of Limited Liability

The Damage Protection Waiver is not Insurance. The Damage Protection Waiver of Limited Liability only applies to accidental damage.

While no one expects to damage a rental property or its’ contents, accidents do happen. It’s small price to pay when you consider how expensive it is to replace a smart TV remote control, coffee pot or screen door. Damage Protection will cover you in the case of any accidental damage to the rental and/or contents.

Damage Protection Waiver features

  • $129 for up to $2000.00 of coverage
  • No deductible

Particularly Helpful to Guests who:

  • are traveling with children or pets
  • are staying at luxury rentals
  • are travelling with larger groups

What is the Damage Protection Waiver?

  • The Damage Protection Waiver is a Waiver of Limited Liability available to our Guests that can help them protect themselves from additional expenses should accidental damage occur to a rental property during their stay. The Damage Protection Plan provides coverage for accidental damage to the rental home that can include: broken lamps, windows and glass, electronics, damaged doors, walls and furniture, stained bedding or linens, lost keys and re-keying costs.

Where do I purchase the Waiver of Liability for Damage Protection?

  • It is included as part of your rental contract when you book with us.

Does Damage Protection provide coverage for damage caused by pets?

  • Yes, the plan can provide coverage for damage caused by pets, as long as having pets at the rental is permitted by the vacation rental owner or property manager. Pet damage is not covered if the pet’s presence in the rental violates the rental agreement.

Does Damage Protection provide coverage for theft?

  • Yes, there is coverage under the plan for theft caused by any person other than anyone staying at the reservation if the theft is substantiated by a police report. As the Damage Protection does not cover intentional acts, coverage would not be afforded if you intentionally take something from the vacation rental property.

Will you still require a security deposit when I purchase the Damage Protection?

  • A credit card number will still be required and held by our office for extra cleaning charges, garbage disposal, pet cleanup, etc during your stay. If you choose to not purchase the Damage Protection we will require a credit card that can be authorized for $2000 prior to you checking in. It is a wise choice to purchase the Damage Protection if you are concerned about accidental damage occurring during your stay. By paying a small fee for Damage Protection your credit card isn’t required to be held for a large security deposit. 

The Property Damage Waiver of Limited Liability has certain conditions. The Waiver will not waive liability for damage or theft resulting from:

  1. Any cause, if the Guest does not report the damage immediately to the agency prior to checking out of the Property; *
  2. Intentional acts and omissions by a Guest and/or their Traveling Companion(s). *
  3. When the consequences to the Property could have been foreseen by a reasonable person including additional cleaning and/or maintenance resulting from abuse and/or neglect. *
  4. Gross Negligence which, for the purposes of this Waiver, shall be defined as an act by a Guest and/or their Traveling Companion(s) that is reckless or willfully disregards the consequences to the Property including loss or damage by animals; *
  5. Loss or Damage caused by pets if the pet’s presence in the rental violates the rental agreement.*
  6. Loss or Damage for Guest damages in excess of $2000.00. *
  7. Theft of items not reported (Theft requires both a police report and a report to Company staff as well).*
  8. The Waiver does not apply for theft or damage of any property owned by or brought on to the premises by a Guest and/or their Traveling Companion(s). *
  9. Lost or stolen keys and keys not returned to the lock box.*
  10. Loss or damage caused by, or resulting from: a. Guest or Traveling Companion’s suicide, attempted suicide, or intentionally self-inflicted injury; b. mental, nervous, or psychological disorders of the Guest or Traveling Companion(s); c. The Guest or Traveling Companion(s) being under the influence of drugs or intoxicants, unless prescribed by a physician*

**These exclusions may be amended from time to time.

*In the event of loss or damage to the Property caused by such acts or omissions by the Guest and/or their Traveling Companion(s), the Guest will be entirely liable for such damages. Any of the aforementioned issues or damages may be debited from the credit card submitted by the Guest to the Company.

Damage Claim Procedures

The Guest must report with a phone call to the Company staff with personal contact (voicemail message are not accepted, Guest must speak to a representative) any theft or damage to the unit or its contents to staff by the time of checkout or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Guest will be void.
All waivers of theft or damage will be administered by Sauble Beach Realty Inc. Broker of Record at the Property. Such persons will have the sole authority to determine the nature and extent of damages, necessary repairs and eligibility for the waiver of liability described herein. The Guest must report in writing any theft or damage to the Property or its contents to Sauble Beach Realty Inc. by the time of check-out or any otherwise applicable damage waiver for such Guest will be void. Sauble Beach Realty Inc. Broker of Record has ultimate administration authority. In the event of any dispute relating to this waiver Sauble Beach Realty Inc. may require such dispute be submitted to binding arbitration.

Terms Of Coverage

The Accidental Property Damage Plan Limited Waiver of Liability takes effect upon check in or registration on the booked arrival date to the Property together with payment of the Waiver fee before check-in.
The Waiver shall terminate upon normal check-out time or the departure of the Guest, whichever occurs first.

Important Note: Payments for the Accidental Property Damage Plan, Limited Waiver of Liability will not be accepted after the Guest has entered the Property for the beginning of their stay.

Waiver Fees are Non-Refundable